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Alissa is just fantastic! Absolutely excellent at her job and just so skilled -- our little Tino is a teensy dog with a HUGE personality and she totally charms him, every time! When she walks in the door, he stands up on his hind legs to greet her, which he does with no one else. She's very calm but confident in her approach and I think that puts him totally at ease. He loves the way he looks after she leaves and struts around the house, lording it over our big dog! Not only convenient, but a great experience for both pups and humans -- we LOVE Alissa! ARF!

thumb Mary Jude
January 1, 2024

Alissa is excellent! We were so excited to find someone to come to our home to trim our dog’s nails. Our dog doesn’t require much grooming, so it was a big hassle to pack her and the kids in the car to travel for a nail trim. Alissa is friendly, on time, and very obviously loves her clients! I’d recommend her to anyone!

thumb Kristine Hallett
August 2, 2023

We are so happy to have found Two Gents Grooming. Our rescue hated being dropped off at the groomers and still shakes when we drive by there. We dreaded taking her there and as a result, Bernie's grooming had got way behind schedule. Alissa took extra time to get to know Bernie and did an amazing job getting her back to pristine condition. It is such a relief to have someone we trust to keep us on schedule. We'd highly recommend her and encourage you to book an appointment!

thumb Beth Simpson-Robie
July 2, 2023

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